Tall Tree Music Festival is a leave no trace event.


Our policy is ‘What You Bring In, You Pack Out.'

2015 saw a decrease in waste left behind, and while we are moving in the right direction all waste is still too much. We must improve as a community in 2016. We ask that each person use the proper recycling and waste receptacles provided by Island Return It. Also, try to reduce the number of items you bring that have extra packaging in favour of those that can be reused. We ask that everyone packs out any additional belongings with them, including camping gear, chairs and tents, as these items were never designed to be ‘single-use.’ The Tall Tree Team asks that you leave your campsite in the same pristine condition as when you entered the festival grounds. This is your campsite and with that your home - treat it this way. We work tirelessly year round to bring you this incredible event; however it is not our responsibility to pick up after everyone. We want to enjoy the festival too!

Our festival has been built on the principles of environmental sustainability and holistic community. We are all a family and need to treat the festival site as our home.

TT-TRASH2The Key Actions Being Undertaken Are:

  • Island Return It - The Enviro-Mentalists A complete team dedicated to executing Tall Tree’s vision
  • Education: Educating Tall Tree festival attendees about what they can do to help throughout their festival experience
  • A new waste reduction system: Attendees will pre-sort recycling and waste eliminating any chance of misplacement and reducing the amount of refuse.
  • Site Sweeps: Maintaining clean grounds throughout the festival site is vital in reducing waste. Please do your part, contribute, and keep your campsite clean throughout the event.
  • Re-Evolution: Consistent collaboration with Tall Tree partners to communicate, educate, and dictate best practices moving forward.
  • Policies restricting Styrofoam and glass
  • Vendors are directed to take part in our waste reduction program by using compostable products

San_Juan_Spruce_Sept_2013-43What You Can Do to Help

  • Waste, compost, beverage containers and recyclables bags will be readily available. Please use them at your campsite and take them to the central drop-off location
  • Carpool to the event. Vehicles with 3 and more people park free. BONUS!
  • Bring your own refillable water bottle, coffee cup, and re-useable water jugs. No Glass Please!
  • Please avoid disposable water bottles. Drinking water is available throughout the festival grounds. Our drinking water is some of the finest ever tasted; it comes from an extremely deep aquifer at Port Renfrew’s San Juan Enhancement Society. Please enjoy responsibly!
  • BE conscious about packaging while shopping before the event, "What you bring in, You pack out.” Please do your part during the event, we are all in this together.