The Purpose

Tall Tree Music Festival is a celebration of community spirit, the environment, and artistic creativity. In its 8th year, the festival showcases world-class musical and artistic talent and continues to have a positive impact by building sustainable and positive relationships between artists, nature, the community, and Port Renfrew’s residents and businesses. The Tall Tree Music Festival presents attendees with an exciting opportunity to engage with vibrant demographics in a incredibly scenic and intimate environment.

Festival Overview

As one of the westernmost points of Southern Vancouver Island, the scenic Port Renfrew site will play host to this 8th annual Tall Tree Music Festival. Situated on the beautiful property known as Brown’s Mountain, the festival takes place in one of the most picturesque settings in Canada. Musical genres are wide ranging from rock and reggae to electronic and everything in between. Acts and visual artists alike are booked to attract multiple generations of music and art lovers. The combination of talented international artists and respectful event goers mixed with the community spirit has resulted in this event being widely talked about and highly anticipated for 2017.