Application, A musician and producer from the Canadian west coast, has spent the last 17 years developing an extremely particular yet diverse and unique catalogue of music. A collection and blend that traverses a wide range of tempo and genera, the musical performances by Application are sure to be felt by the listener as a rollercoaster of human emotion. Unable to put this music into a typical category or genera, the ever-changing sounds flavors can only be described using colorful words and textures. Poetry even. A perfect balance of the organic and the digital. The Warmth of the human touch, and the cold hard edge of technology and computers. Round BUT square. Left brain AND right brain. His Carefully crafted smooth transition from mood to mood is a perfectly tuned story for the vibe in the moment. Moment to moment aiming for magic in the moment. You can’t plan magic but you can tap in to it and facilitate it. That’s the goal. Sassy tunes for a sassy dance floor or A warm embrace for a beautiful sunrise. A feed back loop of the stage and the audience.

A long time resident of the western Canadian Shambhala Music Festival, Application AKA Darby of Application Audio has shared the stage with many of the world’s biggest names in electronic music culture. 
His experience and dedication as a live sound engineer for PK sound and Funktion One has sharpened and honed his ear to perfect sonic quality, this is reflected in his selections and performance.