Caleb Hart & The Royal Youths


Growing up on the Caribbean islands of Canouan, Trinidad and Tobago gave Caleb Hart a unique connection to the world and the music that came out of it. His life was full of everything from the national favours of soca & reggae spiced with pop, gospel, soul, rock, calypso and more. After playing well over 500 shows in his 25 years of life, he decided to move to Victoria BC and take a short break from music, that’s when he ran into the band that would soon become ‘The Royal Youths’.

Together, Caleb Hart & The Royal Youths combine their love for soul, funk, hip hop, and reggae into a live performance that guarantees the audience an unforgettable live music experience.

The Royal Youths are:

Rhett Reilkoff – Guitar / BGV
Liam Mackenzie – Drums
Karl Williaume – Bass
Andrew Greenwood – Saxophone