Dirty Mountain


Hailing from Victoria BC, Dirty Mountain’s sound is heavily infused with harmony-driven melodies and timeless storytelling. Dirty Mountain is a roots-rock band with underlying blends of country and blues to support the sassy and often gritty messages portrayed in the lyrics.

Elli Hart is the relentless force behind Dirty Mountain. Keeping her in line and providing the strong prowess that runs through the music are Gord Light on bass, and Tom Salter on drums.

“ […] Elli Hart’s soulful voice is almost rivalled by her presence on stage. Ever-energetic and clearly not afraid to shred some solos on her guitar.” – Tyson Elder, Rocktographers.ca

Dirty Mountain has had a hugely successful debut year. They released their first album, 01, which landed them in 9th place on local Rocktographer’s “Top 15 Local Albums of 2016” list, and placed 15th of some 20+ bands on the “Top Local Moments of 2016” list put out by Victoria Music Scene. They toured non-stop throughout BC and AB and played lots of great festivals, including Tiny Lights Music Festival, Tall Tree Music Festival, Sunfest Country Music Festival, Song and Surf Music Festival, and Victoria’s Car Free Sunday, to name just a few.

“Dirty Mountain’s 01 is an immensely satisfying album and one that needs to be savoured over repeated listens[…]” -Carolyn Dixon, GoodnightHestia.com

“Strong songwriting with an alt-country-blues rock style.” – Adam Lee, VictoriaMusicScene.com

“Hart puts everything on the table with her incredibly delicate and personal lyrics.” – Katt
Keuleman, canadianbeats.ca