DJ Praiz


PRAIZ, AKA Akber Taimuri, grew up in Montreal, Canada, one of the world’s top cities for nightlife and entertainment. As a young man his life focused on skateboarding and immersing himself in the Hip Hop underground. He began DJ’ing with the full fascination of the technical raw style art of Turntablism and a desire to share rare music and hard diggin’ beats with people from all walks of life. Soon he developed a a reputation as one of the best scratch DJ’s in Montreal, playing everything from packed clubs and underground parties to international festivals. Praiz moved to the west coast of British Columbia in 2008 to immerse himself in the outdoor lifestyle. He has settled in Squamish, BC, an ideal location half- way between Vancouver and Whistler in the beautiful Coast Mountain Range. Since his arrival he has held residencies at some of the busiest nightclubs in Whistler. Praiz has performed across Canada and the USA, Southeast Asia, and Europe. He is a regular on the west coast summer festival circuit, and has played venues such as the 2010 Winter Olympics, Shambhala, and Montreal’s International Jazz Fest.