Dj Surgery


DJ Surgery’s twenty plus years behind the Turntables has undoubtedly shaped the DJ and Turntablist scene on Vancouver Island, and he carries this tradition forward as the host of the SKRATCHER Victoria monthly sessions . A long line of battle scars and victories lie in his shadow ; notably a two time Victoria DMC champ (99,06) , a Four time Canadian National DMC finalist (99,04,06,15), the western Canadian DMC 2015 Scratch champ , and the Vancouver (western Canada) DMC vice-champ 2015 . Skills? Unquestionable… Can he rock the party? No Doubt! A heavy influence from the golden age of hip hop set up the ground work for his ability to cold crush the party whether at a jam, club, park, festival, on the radio ,or at your best friends wedding you’ll get fresh beats and an amazing display of turntablism skills crossed with on-the-fly remixes and genre bending mash ups! ….”it just occurred to me, it’s time for SURGERY”!!!