There are only two driving routes to Port Renfrew – via Lake Cowichan, and via Sooke.

Port Renfrew is a 2.5hr drive from Victoria and a 2hr drive from Nanaimo.

Just getting to Port Renfrew is part of the experience. You’ll be driving along a twisting, hilly highway with incredible views. The area is home to a lot of animals, both human and otherwise, and because there are only two roads in and out, expect to see some locals on the thoroughfare. Take your time and keep your eyes peeled for the friendlies.

It’s good to note that there is NO GAS STATION BEYOND SOOKE OR LAKE COWICHAN.
Gas up, Gary!

It seems like it should be super obvious, but seriously:
Just don’t do it. Not even you in the back of the RV, Sandra. We see you…

Folks who snuggle up and carpool with 3 or more in a vehicle park for FREE!

Tall Tree is hosted on Pacheedaht land.

Please respect it.