Darkness is to space what silence is to sound; the interval. Outsider (the solo project created by Jon Camilleri), breathes life into some of the most animated styles on the low end spectrum of sound.

Focusing on Restoring Filth in the Bassline, this musical virtuoso is evading traditional genre rules with his drive to negate boundaries on his music. Seeking to delve into the dark unknown fringes, his sounds touch on anything and everything under a wide BPM spectrum – bass being the foundation. Hollow heeded tones and circuit bending basslines, rugged and raw, one becomes sensitive to the silhouettes of sounds that make up an Outsider composition. Contrasting his opaque and obscure sounds, this shadowed and shrouded individual have consummated Outsider’s arrival in the bass scene.

Watch for more from this artist as he inflicts his dark and atmospheric sounds upon the world. So the darkness shall be the light, the stillness the dancing.