In tight circles, at clubs and larger venues, he’s known simply as “Priest”. Being a seasoned traveler, he has performed in several countries around the globe, but calls his home Los Angeles. Priest has been expressing his raw emotion the best way he knows how – by mixing and producing music for over 20 years. He excels at mixing many different genres from Drum n bass, breaks, house, techno, and dubstep. During his shows you will notice him settle into his zone, grabbing, twisting, and manipulating knobs and faders all choreographed to follow his path of attack delivering next level sounds and thunderous bass.
A Native of New Mexico and long time veteran of Southern California, Priest is the founder of Sanctuary and The Collective. Priest is also a Partner\Resident DJ for Bring It Back Productions. He has collaborated with many well recognized artists and production crews including Almost Famous, 45PSI, Insomniac, West Side Dubz, and The Junglist Platoon. His newest venture is a collaboration with InStereo’s own Fleetwood Smack creating the ultimate trio also known as Florplay. Nothing gets you moving like a little “Florplay”.