Primitive is a man who likes to sleep late. With near daily club and lounge residencies, he better. Pushing DJ, festival and rave culture in the sea to sky (Victoria- Vancouver- Squamish- Whistler) since 2000 has always been his focus, but now it is clearly a career and life path. Music gets him out of bed, keeps him up late, feeds his family, his soul.

Our world seems too often to be defined by its devisions. Primitive sees music as a tool of convergence, of balance and acceptance. Political, social and sexual tensions are all alleviated by the pulsing mob on a dancefloor. This has led him to mentor up and coming DJ’s, running a DJ school and coaching local talent.

Primitive connected years ago with heavyweight DJ and PK Victoria owner, DJ ANGER, and the two run Party People Sound Solutions- providing opportunity for DJ’s to get payed to play- pushing a culture of musicality and celebration. This has led to the pair managing The Valley Stage at Tall Tree Music Festival- booking, programming and managing 4 days of music for what has become one of Vancouver Island’s favourite festivals.

Primitive’s soundsystem sets feature Techno, House Booty Bass and Acid sounds, but he’ll always throw curveballs to keep the set interesting and a dance floor locked.
“There is nothing primitive about my sound or technique, it is about what happens when we gather and dance- When we hear the call of our soul, we look towards the ancient, the primitive”.