Let’s go back to where it all began in 2001. Xavier was practicing on the wheels in record stores, in Victoria, by borrowing the records in the stores to practice with. This went on for about a year, while he slowly built up his collection to a serious arsenal of breakbeats and funky house. Then it was quickly on to playing island raves & house parties, slowly building a following amongst the local scene by himself and with his homie Wes Beanz as W.A.X. Fast Forward 16 years. 200+ parties, 250+ opening gigs, and a handful of headlines, Xavier is still pushing his boundaries behind the decks. His main squeeze is House music and in his ears, there’s nothing better than a heavy synth, a solid beat and a slick bassline. Xavier spends hours upon days, endlessly digging for something better than what you heard last night, and his main goal is creating magic for your ear drums and making sure you’re having an amazing time on the dancefloor. The wonder kid has opened for countless headliners, played at Tall Tree Music Festival many times, has played Song & Surf Music Festival, he’s had an international residency on Koh Tao in Thailand, and is fiercely aiming to play at Shambhala one day; A boy can dream. If you’ve ever seen X on a lineup, don’t miss his set; it’s always magic and will leave you very happy and wanting more. Keep your ears and eyes peeled, the future has a lot in store for Xavier.